AI-Powered Online
Bill Presentment

An Intelligent and Seamless Billing Experience, Allowing Customers to Effortlessly View, Analyze, and Manage Bills in a Single Integrated Platform.

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Eliminate Paper and Adopt an
Intelligent Way of Presenting Bills

Powered by AI/ML

iPaySmart delivers a seamless e-billing experience across channels, optimizing payment cycles, enhancing revenue collection, and providing detailed billing insights to your customers

Online Bill Presentment
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Billing Platform
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Device Agnostic
and Multi-lingual
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Access to
Historic Bills
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Supported by Multiple
AI/ML Use Cases
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Intuitive and Intelligent
Bill Design
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Caters to Multiple
Customer Segments

Comprehensive and Intelligent Billing Details, Now Available to Your Customers

Let your customers know what they are being charged for with a detailed breakdown of the usage expenses including bill details, savings, taxes and rebates.

With iPaySmart you can provide your end customers with a seamless e-bill experience through comprehensive and perfectly designed bill that speaks your brand language.

A New Billing Paradigm
Meeting Customers at their Point of Preference

Powered by AI/ML

iPaySmart delivers a seamless e-billing experience across channels, optimizing payment cycles, enhancing revenue collection, and providing detailed billing insights to your customers


  • Integrate multiple data sources for smart insights and customer recommendations
  • Detailed View on Usage and Expenses
  • Personalized Bill with Targeted Messaging in Branded Communication
  • Supported by Multiple Languages & Currencies
  • Simple View, Easy Navigation, and a Customer-Friendly User Interface


  • Support e-Bill Delivery Channels Via Web, Native App, Secure Email PDF and SMS Text
  • Leverage both printed and digital channels- seamlessly and in a cohesive manner
  • Send Timely Bill Reminders on the Customer’s Choice of Communication Channel
  • Allow Customers to Manage Paperless Settings, View Current or Past Billing Statements and Access Payment History
  • Send Bills or Bill Inserts in the Way that Works for the Customers


  • Supports Preferred Payment Method such as Pay by Text, Email, IVR, Mobile App, Chatbot, Smart Speakers
  • Supports Preferred Payment Methods via Credit, Debit Card, ACH (e-Check), Payment Wallets - Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal, Venmo, and others
  • Modern Platform Offering Flexible Payment Options to your Customers such as Scheduled Payments, Auto-Pay, Installments, Extensions, One-Time and Recurring Payments
  • Secure and Timely Bill and Payment Alerts on Customers Channel of Choice


  • Allow Customers to Access to Download Current and Bill History in .xml Format with Secured PII Details.
  • Secure Document Management and Signature Authentication with eSignature Technology.
  • Trusted Provider that is PCI Level 1 & NACHA Compliant
  • Future ready and compliant platform that builds a crucial foundation for your payments ecosystem
Ensure Highest Level of
Engagement is Delivered at All Times

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

  • Send personalized and contextual marketing campaigns
  • Target via emails, web banners, push notifications, text and social media

Personalized Marketing

  • Manage pre-integrated messaging templates
  • Tracking message delivery and analytics in real time

Detailed Reporting and Analytics Suite

  • Create segments, messaging, number of alerts to be sent and more
  • Get detailed report on customer’s usage and purchase
Why Choose iPaySmart?


Delivering a digital and multi-channel experience ensures a seamless and integrated billing experience for utility providers


Lower Costs

Multi-channel e-delivery of bills cuts costs to help meet customers’ expectation of instant access



By enhancing bill transparency and access to payment, customers are more apt to immediately pay their bills


Enhanced Security

PCI DSS Level 1, SOC 2, NACHA, ISO 270001, and ISO 20000 certifications reduce vulnerabilities from bad actors


Modern Look

Built to facilitate seamless customer journeys with modern and intelligent UI/UX, backed with AI/ML Analytics

Value Delivered
  • $20.5 B

    Online transactions

  • 90%

    Paperless adoption

  • 90%

    Customer satisfaction

  • 40%

    Lower operational

  • 18-22%

    Reduction in call
    agent volume

Frequently Asked Questions
iPaySmart's billing solution offers seamless integration with your existing customer management and accounting systems, ensuring a streamlined and efficient billing process for your organization.
Absolutely, iPaySmart's billing solution allows you to create and customize billing templates that align perfectly with your utility company's branding and communication style, delivering a consistent and professional look to your customers.
Yes, iPaySmart's billing solution is designed to fully support complex tiered pricing structures and variable rate plans, providing your utility company with the flexibility to implement customized billing models that cater to different customer segments and consumption patterns.