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Explore the Best in Multichannel Payments

At iPaySmart, we have a deep understanding and extensive experience to modernize and build integrated payment experiences

Experience seamless and secure payment transactions with the best-in-class billing and payment platform-iPaySmart. The single integrated platform that streamlines the collection and validation of payments with an automated, configurable, and scalable billing and payment CX platform. We help businesses leverage the benefits of seamless integration, rich user interface, and world-class performance.

Available for residential, commercial, small business and large enterprises. iPaySmart holds Level 1 PCI-DSS, NACHA, ADA, GDPR and CCPA compliance, to give customers safe and secure payment experiences

AI-Powered and Connected
Customer Bill Payment Journey

Through the seamless integration of payment processes in the customer journey, iPaySmart, the #1 Digital Payment and Billing CX Platform, fosters trust, convenience, and satisfaction, reinforcing an unwavering commitment to customer-centric excellence.

Easy Integration, Feature-Filled
Checkout and Best-in-Class Performance

Elevate Transactions with
Voice-Activated IVR Payments

  • Secure Transactions:Leverage IVR for swift, secure transactions via voice or keypad, ensuring speed and accuracy without compromising safety.
  • 24/7 Availability:Offer round-the-clock payment options for ultimate customer convenience.
  • Tailored Paths:Customize payment journeys with pre-defined templates, simplifying the process for each customer-across segments, boosting success rates.
  • Global Access:Expand effortlessly with multilingual menus and connecting with diverse customers seamlessly.
  • Data Safeguard:Ensure data integrity with reference tokens, simplifying management while fortifying security and compliance.
  • AI/ML Backed Precision: Elevate accuracy with AI-guided workflows and use cases, minimizing errors in success or failure messages, boosting satisfaction.
  • Empower Self-Service:Put customers in control with wait-free self-service, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Scalable Performance:Seamlessly handle high call volumes, guaranteeing seamless payment processing even during peak times.
  • Omnichannel Integration:Create a unified customer journey by integrating IVR Payments with other channels.
  • Compliance Confidence: Adhere to security and data protection protocols, ensuring regulatory compliance.

Go Mobile for Instant Payments

  • Flexible Mobile Experience:Pay effortlessly using iPaySmart's multi-channel mobile platform, whether through Mobile Web or Mobile App.
  • Device Compatibility:Enjoy compatibility across a wide range of devices, ensuring a consistent and user-friendly payment experience.
  • Payment Versatility: Settle multiple bills using preferred payment method, providing customers with the flexibility they need.
  • Robust Security Integration:Benefit from advanced security features that safeguard transactions.
  • On-Demand Customer Support:Access support assistance with a simple tap, ensuring customers receive prompt.
  • Effortless One-Click Payments:Enjoy the convenience of one-click payments for specific transaction types, simplifying payment experience.

Effortless Payments with
Text to Pay

  • Instant Payment Control:Experience the simplicity of paying on demand with just a single word.
  • Seamless Two-Way Communication:Engage in efficient, two-way conversations using predefined templates that guide customers through the payment process effortlessly.
  • Immediate Bill Settlement:Receive instant responses to bill notifications, enabling swift and hassle-free payments without delays.
  • Automated Payment Reminders:Stay on track with automated payment reminders sent directly to customer’s device.
  • Clear and Concise Language:Navigate through payments without confusion, as our user-friendly language avoids technical jargon for a seamless experience.
  • Preferred Payment Methods:Text to Pay seamlessly integrates with your chosen payment methods, ensuring a personalized and convenient transaction journey.

Seamless Payments with
Payment Kiosks

  • 24/7 Cashier: Enjoy the convenience of a dedicated cashier that's available round-the-clock, all year round- reducing wait times and enhancing accessibility
  • Versatile Payment Modes:Supports preferred payment methods - cash, check, credit card, or pin-less debit card. Payment Kiosk supports multiple modes for your convenience.
  • Organization-Branded Display:Experience a personalized touch with an organization-branded digital kiosk display, reflecting your identity seamlessly.
  • Effortless Bill Management:Simplify the process for handling multiple bills, ensuring efficiency.
  • Secure Handling of Cash:In locations where cash payments are necessary, ensure secure handling of cash, minimizing risks associated with traditional cash transactions.

Revolutionizing Payments with
Chatbot-Powered Transactions

  • Instant and Intelligent Solutions:Allow customers to access immediate responses to billing and payment inquiries, ensuring swift assistance. Seamlessly navigate through a series of guided prompts, simplifying transactions for effortless payments.
  • Intelligent Insights:Leverage AI and ML to gain deeper insights into payment trends, enabling data-driven decision-making for better business strategies.
  • Personalization Precision:Analyze customer behavior, powered by AI/ML/NLP to provide highly personalized payment options, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Secure Transactions:Make payments securely through Chatbot using tokenized and one-time payments, ensuring peace of mind.
  • Strategic Recommendations:Seamlessly discover relevant products or services as the chatbot intelligently suggests options, potentially increasing value and savings.
  • Resolution and Support:Resolve payment disputes effortlessly by initiating conversations with the chatbot, and escalate to human assistance when needed.
  • Guided Learning:Empower customers with detailed explanations of payment processes, step-by-step tutorials, and expert guidance on common payment inquiries.
  • 24/7 Availability:Ensure round-the-clock availability for payments, catering to the diverse schedules of your customers.
  • Instant Gratification:Customers appreciate the immediate responses and quick resolutions that chatbots provide, enhancing their overall payment experience.
  • Efficiency and Scale:Handle numerous payment inquiries simultaneously, ensuring efficient service even during high-demand periods.
  • Consistent Customer Experience:Deliver a consistent and standardized payment experience, reducing human errors and discrepancies.
  • Fraud Detection:Swiftly detect and prevent fraudulent activities, ensuring secure transactions and safeguarding sensitive information.

Empower Your Voice With Payment
Powered by Smart Speakers

  • Voice-Powered Convenience:Allow customers to receive billing details, make payments, and schedule transactions effortlessly with a simple voice command.
  • Enhanced Control:Option to contact customer care at convenience using voice commands, ensuring quick assistance and issue resolution.
  • Automated Efficiency:Mimic physical actions and automate tasks with voice. Streamline payment processes for effortless management.
  • Universal Compatibility:Pay via Smart Speakers is compatible with major voice assistant devices, providing a versatile and accessible payment solution.
  • Guided Payment Journey:Clear and concise voice prompts provide guidance through multi-step payment processes, ensuring a smooth and error-free experience.
  • Voice-Activated Shopping:Seamlessly integrate voice shopping through a digital marketplace, expanding convenience beyond payments.
  • Seamless Integration into Daily Life:With voice commands, manage payments while multitasking, seamlessly integrating transactions into customer’s daily routine.
Our Commitment to
Data Privacy and Protection

iPaySmart prioritizes customer security through a robust Privacy Policy, safeguarding sensitive information, and ensuring compliance with regulations to protect both our platform and your valuable data.

PCI Level 2






Why iPaySmart?

Our goal at iPaySmart is to simplify customer engagements to drive real, quantifiable & transformative results while excelling the business payment experience

Frequently Asked Questions
iPaySmart is PCI DSS Level 1, NACHA, and IDC compliant that ensures the security of customer’s payment transactions and their data
Yes, iPaySmart provides a range of detailed reports, including a comprehensive payment dashboard, powerful bill analytics, credits and refunds reports, payment posting reports, payments and settlement reports, as well as reconciliation reports.