EV Charging Payments Suite to Support User-Friendly
Acceleration of Electric Vehicle

Dedicated modular end-to-end payment offering providing smooth and secure customer journeys for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging across the globe. Specifically designed for infrastructure owners, charging station manufacturers, charge point operators and mobility service providers.

Our Dedication to eMobility Excellence

At iPaySmart, we recognize the unique challenges and opportunities that the eMobility sector presents. The transition to electric vehicles is reshaping the automotive landscape, and the efficient management of billing and payments is a critical component of this transition. Our commitment is to provide eMobility organizations and utilities supporting emobility services with the platform they need to excel in this exciting and dynamic industry.

Meeting the Challenges of
eMobility Billing Services

The unique characteristics of eMobility, such as varying charging infrastructure, EV fleet management, and different usage models, present specific billing challenges. iPaySmart addresses these challenges by offering:

  • Fleet Management Integration: Streamline billing for eMobility fleet operators by integrating with fleet management systems. Track EV usage, maintenance costs, and billing all in one place.
  • Charging Station Compatibility: iPaySmart ensures compatibility with diverse charging station networks, making it easier for customers to pay for charging services, whether at home, work, or public stations.
  • Subscription-Based Models: Implement subscription-based billing models for EV owners, allowing them to access charging services through monthly plans, while ensuring predictable revenue for eMobility providers.

Engaging with eMobility Customers
to Pay at their Convenience

  • Mobile Payments: Embrace the rise of mobile wallets and contactless payments. iPaySmart supports seamless mobile payments, allowing EV owners to pay for charging with a simple tap of their smartphones.
    • Comprehensive payment channels including mobile and web payments, digital wallets, ACH/e-check, debit and credit cards
    • Electronic bill presentment with scheduled payments
    • Connected journey with billing history, future projections, personalized offers and rate plan advice
    • Personalized payment preferences and build custom payment arrangements
    • Intelligent alerts and notifications with 24x7 support
  • IoT Integration: Explore the potential of IoT (Internet of Things) for eMobility. Enable smart charging and real-time billing by integrating IoT devices into your billing system.
  • Blockchain for Transparent Transactions: Enhance transparency and security with blockchain technology. Ensure tamper-proof billing records and traceability for every transaction.
Why Choose iPaySmart for
eMobility Billing and Payments?
  • img Industry Expertise

    With a deep understanding of the eMobility sector, iPaySmart brings expertise tailored to your unique needs.

  • img Innovation

    Stay at the forefront of technology with iPaySmart's continuous innovation in billing and payment solutions.

  • img Scalability

    Whether you're a startup eMobility provider or an established industry leader, iPaySmart scales to meet your growth and complexity requirements.

  • img Customer-Centric

    Prioritize customer experience with streamlined billing and payment processes, building loyalty and satisfaction.

  • img Compliance

    Rely on iPaySmart to keep your eMobility business compliant with industry regulations 
and data protection standards.