Empowering Diverse Customer Segments and
Personas with Seamless Payment Solutions

Single Integrated Platform Supporting Multiple Customer Personas
for the Utility Industry

Our dynamic, flexible, and feature-rich platform ensures to enhance your customer user bill-pay experience ensures while streamlining provider’s utility account and payment financial transactions.

  • Residential Consumers

    For everyday consumers of utilities like electricity, water, and gas, iPaySmart offers a convenient and hassle-free way to pay bills. With multiple online payment options and automated billing, managing utility expenses has never been easier.

    Online Payments: Residential consumers can easily pay their utility bills online using various payment methods. eBilling and Paperless Enrollment: Receive and manage bills digitally, eliminating the need for paper statements. Multichannel Communication: Receive notifications about upcoming bills and due dates, preventing late payments.
  • Agency Representatives

    Agencies managing multiple utility accounts for their clients turn to iPaySmart for streamlined bill management. Our platform enables efficient pledge management, detailed reporting, and automated payment scheduling.

    Pledge Management: Easily create pledges and pay utility bills for multiple clients from a single dashboard. Reporting and Analytics: Access detailed billing and payment reports to assist clients with budgeting. Automation: Set up automated payment schedules for clients to ensure bills are paid on time. Resource Page: 90% Increase in Customer Satisfaction with 4.5 Star Rating – A Public Municipal Agency’s Achievements to Modernizing Customer-Centric Billing and Payments Platform
  • Builders and Contractors

    Builders involved in construction projects rely on iPaySmart to manage utility connections and payments during the construction phase. Simplify bulk payments and cost tracking simplify project budgeting.

    Online Payments: Make bulk payments for utility services across multiple construction sites. Bill-Pay Reminders Across Channels: Be in the know when to pay next with iPaySmart multi-channel communication. Cost and Project Tracking: Keep track of utility expenses for accurate project budgeting.
  • Landlords and Property Managers

    Landlords and property managers find iPaySmart indispensable for rent collection and utility payments from tenants. Simplify collections, send payment reminders, and effortlessly track expenses.

    Utility payment: Enable utility payments and streamline the landlord-tenant working. Tenant Notifications: Notify tenants of upcoming utility payments, reducing payment delays.
  • Empowering Electric Vehicle Owners

    Electric vehicle (EV) owners rely on iPaySmart for convenient and secure payment options at public and private charging stations. Find charging stations, pay with ease, and track EV charging history.

    Payment Integration: Seamlessly pay for charging sessions using various payment methods. Charging History: Access a history of charging sessions and associated costs.
  • Fleet Managers

    Fleet managers overseeing EV fleets turn to iPaySmart for comprehensive fleet management. Monitor and control charging activity, allocate expenses, and access insightful reporting tools.

    Fleet Management: Monitor and control charging payment activity for multiple EVs within a fleet. Cost Allocation: Allocate charging expenses to specific vehicles or departments for accurate billing. Reporting Tools: Generate reports on charging usage and expenses for analysis.
In addition to Versatile Payment Options and
Robust Analytics, iPaySmart Offers:
  • Security and Data Protection

  • Mobile Accessibility

  • Customization as per Organization Branding

  • Integration Capabilities

  • Cost Efficiency

  • User- Friendly Interface

  • Compliance & Regulations

  • Sustainability Initiatives