AI/ML-Powered Digital Payment Platform
Elevating Customer Experience and Optimizing Revenue
Collection for Utilities

Reduce your cost to serve while improving customer service with our modern platform that offers more self-serve functionality for you and your customers. iPaySmart excels in providing customers with a wide range of convenient payment choices and comprehensive analytical tools, catering to all their needs.

Diverse Payment Options

for All Customer Segments

Provide a wide range of payment channels and methods, such as text, web, IVR, AI, voice assistants, AutoPay, and more, to empower various customer personas, including agencies, builders, landlords, and the mass market.

Enhanced Billing Experience

Elevate your customer's billing experience by extending beyond basic billing and payment functions. Our self-service platform integrates advanced analytics, enabling customers to monitor usage and take greater control of their utility account management.

Improve Platform Adoption
and Efficiency

Drive customer adoption of e-Billing, self-serve payment options, and fast digital payment methods to cut costs and inefficiencies. Additionally, benefit from iPaySmart's complimentary customer outreach and marketing support to further improve adoption.

AI-powered Reconciliation and Analytics

Access comprehensive analytics across your organization through a real-time dashboard, consolidating payment method and channel data for enhanced transparency, forecasting, and account reconciliation.

Improve Your Collection

Ensure top-tier security for your customers' data. Our stringent policies and processes are designed to secure critical business information, ensuring the meticulous handling of personal, financial, and sensitive data. We adhere to industry standards and guidelines, including NACHA, PCI Level 1, ADA, CCPA, and GDPR, making our commitment to security paramount.

Trusted by more than 100+ Energy & Water Providers Globally,
iPaySmart Product Portfolio Includes
AI-Powered and Connected Customer Payment Journey

Through the seamless integration of payment processes in the customer journey, iPaySmart, the #1 Digital Payment and Billing CX Platform, fosters trust, convenience, and satisfaction, reinforcing an unwavering commitment to customer-centric excellence.

AI-Powered Online Bill Presentment

Let your customers know what they are being charged for with a detailed breakdown of the usage expenses including bill details, savings, taxes and rebates.

With iPaySmart you can provide your end customers with a seamless e-bill experience through comprehensive and perfectly designed bill that speaks your brand language.

Integrated Notifications and AI Payment Bot Experience

Give more power to the customers with friction-less communication options with deep level analytics. Accelerate time-to-value and maximizes agility, to help deliver personalized information to the end customer. In addition, our smart chatbot, virtual agents, and live chats services help organizations establish deeper and stronger customer relationships and drive digital self-service.

Payments Optimization with AI-Based Analytics

iPaySmart brings together the best minds in machine learning and artificial intelligence that enables real-time payment processing via multiple channels and modes along with a comprehensive billing solution. We ensure the best-in-class performance is delivered to organizations across the industry and around the globe.

AI-Driven and Personalized Payment Arrangements

Offer personalized plans, support rebate offers. Support financial assistance, special programs and much more with iPaySmart AI-powered payment arrangements funactionality.

Simple. Convenient. Reliable. Secure

Our unified platform delivers next-generation capabilities that are proven to accelerate revenue realization, simplify payment operations and improve the customer experience.


Improved & Enhanced
Customer Experience


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