Prepay: Pre-Thinking
Customer Experience

The AI-powered prepay platform empowers customers to
proactively manage their bills while optimizing revenue and
engagement for providers.

With a Convenience of ONE Platform, Now Customers can
Recharge, Auto-Recharge, or Resolve Query

Powered by AI/ML


  • Facilitate hassle-free recharging of prepaid wallets via multiple channels including cash, credit, debit, net banking, and diverse digital avenues, accessible 24/7 for customers.
  • Provide customers with the added convenience of omnichannel notifications and alerts to enhance their experience.
  • Empower customers to efficiently manage tasks such as configuring balance alerts, tracking usage, reviewing charges, costs, and seamlessly reaching out to customer support, all within a unified interface.


  • Effortlessly adapt and oversee flexible tariff models and rate plans with minimal administrative burden.
  • Provide consumers with the anticipated flexibility synonymous with contemporary service providers.


  • Instantly access real-time consumption data, apply individualized tariffs, evaluate usage patterns, and debit prepaid accounts accordingly.
  • Ensure seamless payment processing and transparent debt recovery procedures.


  • Provide an array of value-added services, paving the way for cultivating more profound customer relationships.
  • Ensure consistent operational reliability, enhance profitability, and foster trust by granting customers heightened control.

Meeting Consumers Expectations
Wherever & Whenever

Flexible Recharge Methods

  • Bank A/C
  • Cash
  • M-Wallet
  • Cards

Payment Channel Extension and Modernization

  • In Stores
  • Kiosk
  • IVR
  • SMS
  • Website
  • Mobile App
  • Chatbot

Prepaid Balance Update
Automation and Simplification

  • Flexible Payment

  • Opt-in

  • Low-Cost
    Sustainability Option

  • Higher Customer

  • Reduced

Value Delivered
  • 55% Reduction in Aged
    Accounts Receivables
  • 36% Reduction in
    Write Off
  • 30% Debt