Payments Optimization
with AI-Based Analytics

iPaySmart brings together the best minds in machine learning and artificial intelligence that enables real-time payment processing via multiple channels and modes along with a comprehensive billing solution. We ensure the best-in-class performance delivered to organizations across the industry and around the globe.

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With Intuitive Dashboards and Real-Time Reporting,Gain Greater Transparency, Optimize Processes and Reduce Human Errors
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Comprehensive and Intuitive
Payment Dashboard
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Credits and Refunds
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Payment Posting
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Payments and Settlement
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AI & BI Powered Reports & Dashboards
  • Payment Processing
  • Payment Notification Analysis
  • Payment Transaction Reports
  • Partial Payment, Overpayment reports (Bill adjustment reports)
  • Failed or Declined Payment Reports.
  • Customer Service Representative Payments Reports
  • Payment Extension Request Reports
  • Payment Type Report (Web, Auto-pay, net banking, credit/debit card, via CSR, Visa, MasterCard, ACH etc.)
  • Outbound Payment Reminders Report
  • Disputed Transactions, Cancelled Transactions, and Reimbursements
  • Security Reports
  • Real time Data Update by Using Embedded Analytics
Harnessing the Power of Data, NLP, and ML, iPaySmart's Comprehensive Billing and Payment Platform Empowers Customers while Seamlessly Integrated Bill-Pay Functionality.
Organization Benefits
  • Quick self-service access to intuitive AI-based reports
  • Monitor and measure metrics in real-time to improve operational efficiencies
  • Improve data discovery and help better and easy identification of data’s true impact
  • Focus on the most important KPIs and align business processes
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Better Decision Making and improving overall customer payment experience
A Holistic View of iPaySmart’s Fully Integrated
Billing and Payment Platform
The Result
  • img Lower Operational Expenses
  • img Improved Customer Satisfaction with Real-Time Billing and Payment Compliance
  • img Significantly Reduced Fraud
  • img Improved Customer Experiences
Frequently Asked Questions
We offer interactive dashboards, customizable charts, and predictive analytics to transform the data into actionable insights for informed decision-making.
We implement advanced encryption, and compliance measures to safeguard the security and privacy of your sensitive user data.