iPaySmart for Water Agencies

Accelerate Revenue Realization and Simplify Operations

Tailored to Meet the Unique Needs of Water Agencies

iPaySmart’s highly configurable, #1 AI/ ML platform is tailored to fit the needs of your organization.

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End to End Integrated
Payment Platform
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Caters to Multiple Customer Segments
within the Water Provider Sector
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Supported by Multiple AI/ML
Use Cases
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Sustainable Billing and
Payment Experience
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Powerful Reporting and
Revolutionizing Water Agency Operations and Revenue Management
Through Seamless Payment Experiences

Our innovative and end-to-end platform empowers water agencies to streamline their operations, supercharge revenue realization, and provide superior payment experience to their customers with vertical-specific payment experiences.

Billing and Payment Accuracy

  • Streamlining billing and invoicing processes through automation minimizes errors, enhancing overall efficiency.
  • iPaySmart’s vertical AI functionality helps in managing billing for multiple municipalities or regions, simplifying their complex payment structures.
  • Anywhere, anytime access to water bills enhances accessibility, reducing the need for physical visits.

Customer Experience

  • Enabling customers to make online payments via the channel of their choice; provides a convenient alternatives to traditional payment methods.
  • Our self-service platform lets customers easily view bills, track usage, and make payments while offering helpful bill notifications, consumption insights, and leak alerts to promote responsible water management.
  • Our diverse payment platform can be adapted to meet the specific needs of various regions within the authority's jurisdiction.
  • Offers flexibility for low-income customers to pay for consumed water in smaller amounts, promoting financial inclusion.

Security and Trust

  • Robust security measures, including compliance to PCI, NACHA, ADA & CCPA, ensure safeguarding customer’s sensitive financial information.
  • Real-time transaction monitoring and advanced fraud prevention measures contribute to overall payment security.
  • Our platform also aids in meeting state-specific regulatory standards related to water pricing, billing accuracy, and customer data protection.
  • Implementation of secure payment gateways builds trust, encouraging customers to confidently choose digital payment methods.

Data Analysis and Reporting

  • Our data analytics capability helps water regional authorities analyze consumption patterns and make informed decisions about resource allocation and conservation efforts.
  • Integrated gateways offer valuable data insights, enabling water agencies to analyze payment trends and customer behavior.

Multi-Channel Communication

  • iPaySmart utilizes email, text, push notification, live chat, chatbot and IVR to help payers stay on top of their bills, and even enables payment through text, IVR or chatbot.
  • Resolve customer’s query via iPaySmart’s smart chatbot, virtual agents, and live chats services
  • Multi-channel communication mode enables water agencies to effectively engage with customers through targeted messages and surveys.

Operational Efficiency

  • Streamlining operations through integration with utility management systems reduces manual data entry and minimizes errors.
  • Efficient payment processes lead to timely revenue collection, positively impacting financial health.
Real Results. Super Simple

Our goal at iPaySmart is to simplify customer engagements to drive real, quantifiable results for our clients. By encouraging more customers to self-serve and experience modern payments, our #1 AI-driven vertical billing and payment platform consistently achieves below results

  • Decreases Call Volume
    and Lobby Traffic

  • Reduces Operational Costs

  • Increases Customer

  • Accelerates Revenue

  • Meets Regulations
    and Compliance

  • Promotes