Case Study

Revolutionizing Utility Services:
Leveraging Digital Payments to Drive Innovation for Over One Million Customers.

In a bid to become the "Utility of the Future," a major utility provider serving over one million customers across 20 U.S. states and three Canadian provinces embarked on a transformation journey. Their vision was to enhance customer service and establish a streamlined, efficient payment system. To achieve these goals and replace outdated legacy processes, they partnered with iPaySmart, a leading digital payment and billing CX platform.

This case study delves into the ambitious project, where the utility provider aimed to modernize billing and payment experiences, address diverse customer needs, and streamline operations across a vast geographical footprint. By implementing iPaySmart's AI-powered digital payment platform, the utility provider sought to revolutionize the way customers manage their accounts, optimize operational efficiency, and foster customer-centric innovation.

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