Case Study

4.5 Star Rating and 90% Customer Satisfaction Boost:
Utility's Success with Billing and Payment Platform Modernization.

This case study delves into the transformation of a public utility's monthly water bill interactions, highlighting the implementation of an all-encompassing online payment platform.

The utility recognized the pivotal role of billing and payment interactions in delivering a superior customer experience and sought to modernize this journey. Their aim was to engage customers effectively, promoting paperless e-bill enrollment, offering diverse online payment methods, real-time bill access, state programs, and more. Partnering with iPaySmart, they achieved this by launching a secure and PCI-compliant online payment portal, facilitating self-service, mobile-friendly payment options, and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Explore the case study for a comprehensive understanding of the transformation focused on digitizing customer interactions, reducing digital handle time, improving revenue and collections, streamlining back-office billing processes, and fostering continued customer engagement through proactive notifications and multi-channel connectivity.

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